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Seed grants for communities and local initiatives in Belarus.
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How and when the initiative was set up, who is part of it, how many members are active. Does the initiative or its members have experience of working with the general public? If yes, describe it, give examples of the work done, mention successes and achievements.
Specify how many people are involved in decision-making and according to what principle.
Describe your strategy and plans.
Describe when, in what amount, and for which activities you have already received funding.
Specify how many people receive money and how payments and purchases are made.

About the project

Grant activities should be described in chronological or logical order and the activities should be broken down into phases / thematic blocks by objectives, etc. Use this scheme and upload it below:
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What are the main risks that can affect the outcome of your project activities? How can you minimise these risks?
Describe when and in what amount.