Voices from human rights defenders

What is happening in Colombia?

In 2016, after 50 years of civil war, the Colombian Government signed a peace agreement with the guerrilla group FARC. At the time it seemed like an opportunity to strengthen peacebuilding efforts throughout the country.

But now human rights violations are on the rise.

Despite high risks many Colombian civil society organizations are doing everything they can to support the peacebuilding process and defend their democratic rights.

Listen to their storys.

Demonstranter tänder ljus under en fredlig demonstration i Bogota, Colombia.
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The struggle for civic space

We are witnessing a backsliding of democracy around the world for the 15th consecutive year. Threats to democracy, civic freedoms and human rights are escalating in many countries.

All around the world, human rights and environmental defenders continue to struggle and defend their rights, even if it means risking their lives.

We give you a glimpse into their situation.

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