Right(s) Way Forward

Right(s) Way Forward is a methodology to encourage the power and capacity of communities. The methodology respects and expands on the existing capacity and knowledge of the communities to create the change they wish to see. 

We want Right(s) Way Forward to be a tool to help anyone create change and to influence decision makers to move the right way forward, for a world where rights for all are respected and where the needs of every individual community are met. Together we can create a just and sustainable world.

Why is Right(s) Way Forward needed?

Across the globe, shrinking civic space is directly impacting human and civil rights defenders, with many facing violent crackdown while trying to address the very injustices which worsen poverty, conflict, gender inequality & inequity, climate change and the ability to live in a just and sustainable world. We believe that resilient communities with strong support networks that are built on mutual respect and shared visions are the best equipped to deal with these challenges. That is why Right(s) Way Forward was developed.

What is Right(s) Way Forward?

Right(s) Way Forward is an adaptable and flexible process which follows tested and proven methodology of exercises and concepts to create sustainable, community-driven change. It is ForumCiv’s methodology for adopting a rights-based approach and encompasses all aspects which are central to development work, such as gender equality, environmental sustainability and conflict sensitivity.  It is a community-based methodology that seeks to empower community members to improve their capacity to formulate, advocate and claim their rights.  The methodology also aims at creating a safe space for dialogue between rights-holders and duty-bearers to address different community concerns in a collaborative manner.

Having the ability to find resolutions and identify changes which are contextually relevant, determined and driven by the community, underlines the Right(s) Way Forward methodology. The approach respects and expands on the existing capacity and knowledge of the communities to create the change they wish to see.

Who is Right(s) Way Forward for?

This tool is developed for anyone; organisations, individuals or informal networks, wanting to adopt a rights-based approach when working with communities in a development context.

Right(s) Way Forward is a complete cycle and by design constructed to be highly adaptable and flexible. This allows the tool to respond to different project needs and cycles. We encourage all who plan to adopt the Right(s) Way Forward to use the parts that are relevant and helpful to their project, to freely adopt and change the exercises to suit local contexts, as well as reworking the exercises to fit the project more specifically.