Handbook on anti-corruption
Handbook on anti-corruption

What can we do to prevent corruption?

This handbook provides ForumCiv offices and its implementing partners with guidance to become better equipped to effectively support the anti-corruption work. 

The handbook facilitates the implementation efforts in two ways:

  • It offers guidance and clarification on what is corruption with definition strengthen by clear example and identifies common preventive practices
  • It offers useful step for detecting case of corruption and how to act on suspicion

E-learning platform

  • ForumCiv has partnered with Humentum to provide a platform to enable civil society actors around the world to interact and learn to make lasting change happen.
  • The platform is accessible to ForumCiv partners, member organisations and staff.
  • On the platform you’ll find courses and webinars on working with a Rights-based Approach, Compliance, Finance Grants, Program/Project Management and so much more.

Popular courses on the e-learning platform

Right(s) Way Forward material

  • Right(s) Way Forward is a community-based methodology that seeks to empower community members to improve their capacity to formulate, advocate and claim their rights.
  • The methodology also aims at creating a safe space for dialogue between rights-holders and duty-bearers to address different community concerns in a collaborative manner.
  • The methodology is made by ForumCiv.

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We bring local voices to a global context in our webinar series Glocal Voices.

The purpose is promoting dialogue and exchange scenarios with partner organisations from the different regions where ForumCiv has a presence.


Right now am renewed and confident, I have new skills in PME and RBA, it is in the maximum level I have got new knowledge. The course was very helpful to me and this will lead to some improvement in my daily work in my organisation. I wish to participate in the next session.

Adventina Kyamanywa 

Adventina Tumaini - Changers Hub