What is Changers Hub?

  • Changers Hub is the name given to ForumCiv’s external virtual learning concept. ForumCiv has partnered with Humentum to provide a platform to enable civil society actors around the world to interact and learn to make lasting change happen.
  • The platform is accessible to ForumCiv partners, member organisations and staff. 
  • Here you’ll find courses and webinars on working with a Rights-based Approach, Compliance, Finance, Grants, Program/Project Management and so much more!

Right(s) Way Forward

  • Right(s) Way Forward is a community-based methodology that seeks to empower community members to improve their capacity to formulate, advocate and claim their rights.
  • The methodology also aims at creating a safe space for dialogue between rights-holders and duty-bearers to address different community concerns in a collaborative manner.
  • The methodology is made by ForumCiv.

Watch our international webinar series

Glocal Voices

We bring local voices to a global context in our webinar series Glocal Voices. The purpose is promoting dialogue and exchange scenarios with partner organisations from the different regions where ForumCiv has a presence.


Thematic Weeks

Communities for Earth Week

How can fighting for environmental and climate justice address our current climate induced emergency? 

ForumCiv prepared a week of workshops and other happenings to demonstrate how we work and commit to environmental and climate justice. Get inspired on how people from all corners of life are tackling the greatest challenges of our time

Women for Change Week

On March 8 it is commemorated (not celebrated) the International Women´s Day, a day to reflect the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women in their diversity, but also to raise awareness about the gender inequalities still existing around the world. 

To commemorate this important date, ForumCiv has established the Women for Change Week. A thematic week with different activities, such as webinars, podcast episodes, articles, and interactive social media stories and contents.

A week in the name of democracy

ForumCiv and Wajibu Wetu Programme partners PAWA254, Siasa Place and Creative Spills, did commemorate the Democracy week in September 2021 with both virtual and live events at the Kenya National Theatre and The Museums Of Kenya.

The focus was on the crucial question of people’s role in democracy, amid widespread evidence of public disillusionment with the political class and governments of the day.


Right now am renewed and confident, I have new skills in PME and RBA, it is in the maximum level I have got new knowledge. The course was very helpful to me and this will lead to some improvement in my daily work in my organisation. I wish to participate in the next session.

Adventina Kyamanywa 


Frequently Asked Questions

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There are 900+ self-paced courses and learning paths from ForumCiv and Humentum in areas of Compliance, Rights Based Approaches, Financial Management, Program Development, People Development and Program/Project Management among others.

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None. Changers Hub is intuitive and very easy to use. You’ll be enrolling for courses and learning in no time.