ForumCiv regards capacity development as fundamental in our work to strengthen civil society. Our approach is to have a bottom-up perspective where the focus is on strengthening the existing capacities while using different learning perspectives adapted to the context and needs. We have several kinds of learning methods, such as online courses, workshops, conferences, seminars and coaching.

E-learning platform

  • ForumCiv has partnered with Humentum to provide a platform to enable civil society actors around the world to interact and learn to make lasting change happen.
  • The platform is accessible to ForumCiv partners, member organisations and staff.
  • On the platform you’ll find courses and webinars on working with a Rights-based Approach, Compliance, Finance Grants, Program/Project Management and so much more.

Popular courses on the e-learning platform

Right(s) Way Forward material

  • Right(s) Way Forward is a community-based methodology that seeks to empower community members to improve their capacity to formulate, advocate and claim their rights.
  • The methodology also aims at creating a safe space for dialogue between rights-holders and duty-bearers to address different community concerns in a collaborative manner.
  • The methodology is made by ForumCiv.

Watch our webinar series


We bring local voices to a global context in our webinar series Glocal Voices.

The purpose is promoting dialogue and exchange scenarios with partner organisations from the different regions where ForumCiv has a presence.


Right now am renewed and confident, I have new skills in PME and RBA, it is in the maximum level I have got new knowledge. The course was very helpful to me and this will lead to some improvement in my daily work in my organisation. I wish to participate in the next session.

Adventina Kyamanywa 


Frequently Asked Questions about the e-learning platform

To enroll for a course in our platform all you will need is to create an account, login and browse hundreds of courses.

If you do not have an account yet, you can apply here. From here you'll be able to fill and submit a simple form for your account processing. An account will be created for you within 1-2 working days and you will receive an email with your logon credentials instructions.

There are 900+ self-paced courses and learning paths from ForumCiv and Humentum in areas of Compliance, Rights Based Approaches, Financial Management, Program Development, People Development and Program/Project Management among others.

The courses have been paid for by ForumCiv and is therefore free for its partners and staff.

None. Changers Hub is intuitive and very easy to use. You’ll be enrolling for courses and learning in no time.