Forms and templates

Here you will find appendices, instructions and other documents that you need in order to apply, implement and report on your project.

Please note that the documents below may be updated, which means that previous versions will be invalid. Therefore, you should always visit the website to ensure that you are using the latest versions of the documents. Previous versions of the documents (this also includes documents removed from this page) will not be accepted by ForumCiv.

Read more about the programme’s conditions, application process and relevant changes on the Swedish Partnership programme page

Swedish Partnership Programme

The management of development projects and pre-studies occurs in English, or Spanish if the implementation takes place in Latin America and the Caribbean. Swedish may be accepted in exceptional cases. Contact [email protected] in good time before applying for such requests. 

Application Templates

Pilot Partnership Funding

Medium Partnership Funding

Resources and tools

Reference documents

Please read the below mentioned documents before starting to write your application. The documents will give you guidance and help you structure your application.

When your project is granted you will sign an agreement with ForumCiv before you requisition funds, i.e. request disbursement of your grant. If you wish to make changes to an on-going project you need to contact ForumCiv in advance.

Agreement documents

Besides project-specific documents, the agreement consist of the following:

ForumCiv’s Agreement Template Project Support (only available in Swedish, 'Avtalsmall projektstöd')

Agreement template with local organization

Note that your Swedish organization and local organization must enter an agreement before you can transfer funds. Please see the template below for reference when designing your agreement. A copy of the signed agreement between your organizations must be sent to ForumCiv at the latest 6 months after receiving the decision of approval. Please note that your agreement cannot omit terms from the template, but more can be added to the template if you wish.

A new agreement template for Swedish organisations and their partners will be published soon.

Requisition documents

 Changes in on-going projects

If you wish to make other types of changes to the pre-study or project, please contact your sub-granting officer.

Resources and tools

ForumCiv's digitally adapted tool for assessing organizations' financial and administrative capacity.

Reference documents

After the implementation process has ended it is time to report your project to ForumCiv. If the project has run for longer than 18 months your organization is required to submit an annual report as well before the project has ended. The dates for submitting your annual and final report can be found on the Organization Portal. Reporting is an important part of your project. Incomplete and/or delayed reporting can lead to ForumCiv requiring reimbursement of the grant or parts of the grant.

If another language than English has previously been approved by ForumCiv, contact your sub-granting officer for the correct templates.

Please observe that all documents for reporting should only be submitted electronically via the Organization Portal. The reporting documents should be signed as per valid instructions. 



Final report:

Templates for reporting initiatives that are being implemented starting 2023 will be published shortly

Reference documents

Application windows

SPP's April window

  • The window is open on ForumCiv's Organisation Portal between 25/3 2023 and 1/4 2023.
  • During 2023, SPP accept both Partnership Pilot Funding and Medium Partnership Funding applications during the April window with intended start in June-July 2023.
  • Advise SPP's Procedures Manual for details on the application process and for recommendations on how much your organisation can apply for. 

SPP's October window

  • Organisations that intend to apply for the October window must register this on ForumCiv's Organisation Portal between 1/5 2023 and 1/6 2023.
  • The actual application is submitted between 24/9 2023 and 1/10 2023.
  • The October window is open for Partnership Pilot Funding and Medium Partnership Funding with intended start in January 2024.
  • Advise SPP's Procedures Manual for details on the application process and for recommendations on how much your organisation can apply for. 

Before submitting an application, ForumCiv must have assessed and approved your organization as having the eligibility to apply for funds from the Swedish Partnership Programme. If your application is approved, your organization must have been accepted as a member in ForumCiv before an agreement can be signed. 

Contact your Programme Officer or [email protected] for questions.