Wajibu Wetu Programme

The application for this programme is currently closed. When new application window opens, we will communicate it here.

ForumCiv has been implementing the Wajibu Wetu Programme to support social transformation in Kenya for the last 6 years. A lot has been achieved, many lessons learned, and it has contributed to growth and knowledge generation on what works and what doesn't work at the partner, community, and ForumCiv level when it comes to social change.

ForumCiv made a bold decision to support the non-traditional civil society organizations, which has opened opportunities for individuals and institutions that could not have happened. Artivism (art for activism) has been a distinctive approach where support was directed to the media and creative and gender-focused civil society organizations.

This support was necessary to reach out to a critical mass of rights holders to deepen democracy, strengthen inclusive citizen participation and accountability, and bring gender-mainstreaming to the forefront of the governance agenda in Kenya. The partners used creative and innovative avenues, such as music, traditional and new media, artivism, cultural festivals, documentaries, and investigative journalism. The programme has empowered right-holders to expand the democratic space for alternate ‘voices’ that expose and address critical topics like corruption, extra-judicial killings, gender-based violence, and discrimination.

Now in its 3rd phase, the Wajibu Wetu Programme looks to building on the gains made in the previous two phases and will focus on five result areas:

  1. Strengthening Inclusive Governance and Democracy;
    i) Strengthening community voices in decision-making and development processes 
    ii) Increasing the capacity of the communities to demand and claim human rights 
    iii) Enhanced accountability by duty bearers toward responsible service delivery.  
  2. Enhancing Community Empowerment, Resilience, and Adaptation;
    i) Enhance the adaptive capacities of communities to cope with the effects of climate change and other shocks from unprecedented disasters, and  
    ii) Enhance the capacity of the community to adapt to socioeconomic shocks 
  3. Contributing to Gender Equality;
    i) Enhanced resilience against gender-based violence  
    ii) Increased political inclusion and participation of women in political processes 
    iii) Enhanced equitable and non-discriminative enjoyment of Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights. 
  4. Networking, Linkages and Movement Building
    i) Strengthening effective citizen partnerships, networks, coalitions, and  sustained  movements,
    ii) coalescing  voices  and  collective  action  toward strategic solidarity,
    iii) Enhanced strategic results communications, documentation, and dissemination of programme impacts and emerging insights, and
    iv) Strengthened leadership, foresight, and organizational sustainability
  5. Enhancing Capacities of CSOs
    i) WWPIII stakeholders strengthening organizational, programmatic, and thematic capacity,
    ii) Enhanced intergenerational mentorship and experiential learning for young men and women towards effective change-making and leadership, and
    iii) Partner organizations are more sustainable

Are you interested in applying for funds under the Wajibu Wetu III Programme?

The application for this programme is currently closed. When new application window opens, we will communicate it here.

Application and reporting

In ForumCiv's organization portal you can apply for grants and send in reports. For technical questions in the portal, contact portalsupport@forumciv.org