Our funding

ForumCiv is a non-profit, politically, and religiously independent organization with over 200 members from Swedish civil society. Here you can read about how ForumCiv is funded.

ForumCiv has been a strategic partner to The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) since 1995. Through our largest program, The Swedish Partnership Programme, we are sub-granting funds to Swedish organizations that works in over 70 countries. Sida has also funded development cooperation at our country and regional offices. 

We are also funded by other donors. The European Union has founded projects that we have implemented in for example Belarus. We have also received grant from Hewlett Foundation for implementing projects in Kenya and Tanzania. 

We are also funded through other Swedish agencies, private organizations and through membership fees for our Swedish member-organizations. 

ForumCiv has a 90-account and collects donations to, among other things, our Swedish youth program Globalportalen. We are audited annually by Svensk Insamlingskontroll, a non-profit association that makes annual checks of everyone with 90 accounts and ensures that the collection is of high quality. 

There is a comprehensive framework for our work. ForumCiv is also governed by external rules and requirements from Sida and our other donors. We are constantly working to improve the quality at all levels of our work. Our work should be effective and transparent and make a difference for the most vulnerable.