From members and annual meetings to employees in Sweden and the world. Read more about how we are organised.
Årsmötet 2018

ForumCiv is a member-based organisation. Our members are Swedish organisations and together we are Sweden’s biggest platform for civil society. We are united in the objective to reach global sustainable development. ForumCiv facilitates forums for sharing experience and developing capacity: we can act as a voice carrier and represent members in relevant national and international forums.


The Annual Meeting is ForumCiv’s supreme decision-making body. It is here that the members decide on the organisation’s operational framework for the coming year. The Annual Meeting also elects the board, chairperson, election committee and auditors, and decides on the general plan of operations and budget.

The board is elected by the Annual Meeting and is ForumCiv’s highest decision-making body between meetings. Its primary responsibility is to ensure that the decisions of the Annual Meeting are implemented. The board is led by the ForumCiv chairperson, and includes amongst its responsibilities the organisation’s overall planning, reporting, bookkeeping and governing policies.

The Secretary-General is appointed by the board of ForumCiv. The Secretary-General has responsibility for the organisation’s operational concerns, and leads and organises them as directed by the instructions and decisions taken by the Annual Meeting and the board.