Do you suspect misconduct, such as corruption or sexual harassment, at ForumCiv?

If any person working for, or with, ForumCiv encounters or suspects misconduct within ForumCiv or among its grantees, we strongly encourage them to inform us about the specific issue.

We primarily encourage you to contact a manager in our organisation directly. If you are not comfortable with this, you can contact anyone of the following three individuals:

If you feel you cannot be open with your information, we offer the option of reporting your concern anonymously. This is handled through our whistle-blowing system.

As a whistle blower you can keep your anonymity if you so wish, and you will not be punished in any way for raising the issue of a possible misconduct through whistle blowing. (This does not include complainants making knowingly false or malicious allegations.)

ForumCiv will investigate any suspected misconduct within a reasonable time and ensure that any wrongdoing is righted. ForumCiv will also determine how such misconduct can be prevented from happening again.

ForumCiv defines misconduct as all unlawful and unethical behaviour, such as the following examples:

  • Not complying with a ForumCiv policy and agreements.
  • Knowingly violating a country's local laws or regulations.
  • Questionable accounting and fraud.
  • Activities that may cause damage to a person or property.
  • Abuse of power or position.
  • Not disclosing a conflict of interest.

(This are just examples and not a list of all types of misconduct.)

Our whistle-blowing service

You can use this service in any of the countries where ForumCiv has offices or supports projects or programmes.

You can use this service to report suspicions of misconduct if you are employed by ForumCiv or if you are working in one of ForumCiv’s partner organisations, including partners at subsequent levels. You can also use this service if you are an intern, a consultant, or a service provider working with ForumCiv.

You can reach the whistle-blowing service by copying and pasting the following address into your browser:

Your report will be securely handled

The reporting channel is provided by an external service provider called WhistleB, to ensure anonymity. The reporting process is encrypted, and password protected.

All reports submitted through WhistleB are processed in confidence.

Our goal is to respond to messages through WhistleB within five working days of receiving a concern. The responsible manager will communicate back to the whistle blower to:

  1. Confirm that the case has been received.
  2. Indicate how the case will be handled.
  3. Provide an estimate of how long it will take to reach a final solution.
  4. Let the whistle blower know if an initial investigation will be conducted.

At this or a later time, the responsible manager will also let the whistle blower know if further investigations will take place or not and explain why.

We appreciate your help in addressing misconduct and strengthening our operations!