Swedish Partnership Programme

ForumCiv's largest programme, The Swedish Partnership Programme, aims at strenghtening civil society actors as agents of change in over 70 countries.

Change begins with people. People who raise their voices, who work together and who organise to demand democracy, equality, accountability and human rights for all. That is why ForumCiv for over two decades have supported civil society organisations who mobilise people and popular movements in over 70 countries.

Swedish organisations can, together with one or multiple local partner organisations, apply for grants from the Swedish Partnership Programme to strengthen partnerships and together implement effective and equitable development work. Partnerships financed by the Swedish Partnership Programme should always be based in a rights-based approach and be relevant for the Swedish Partnership Programme's theory of change. The civil society support provided by ForumCiv shall contribute to the Swedish government’s Civil Society Organisation strategy and is expected to contribute to strengthening the capacity of civil society actors, and the civic space.

Is your organisation interested in applying for funds from the Swedish Partnership Programme?

Please note that your organisation needs to be a member of ForumCiv when applying for funding, and that the application for funding must be submitted during an application window via the Organisational portal. ForumCiv recommends you to apply for membership and eligibility well in advance of an application window.

All information can be found in our programme documents:


Important information
  • ForumCiv’s board has decided that organisations will need to become members in order to apply for grants from the Swedish Partnership Programme for projects that will be implemented from 2023 and onwards.There will be no change for organisations who already are members. Organisations who are non-members with projects already granted, will not be affected by this until the next time they apply.

    Organisation who are non-members and apply during 2022 with projects that start in 2023 will need to apply for membership before signing an agreement. A membership is not a guarantee for receiving funding.