Swedish Partnership Programme

ForumCiv's largest programme, The Swedish Partnership Programme, aims at strenghtening civil society actors as agents of change in over 70 countries.

Change begins with people. People who raise their voices, who work together and who organise to demand democracy, equality, accountability and human rights for all. That is why ForumCiv for over two decades have supported civil society organisations who mobilise people and popular movements in over 70 countries.

Swedish organisations can, together with one or multiple local partner organisations, apply for grants from the Swedish Partnership Programme to strengthen partnerships and together implement effective and equitable development work. Partnerships financed by the Swedish Partnership Programme should always be based in a rights-based approach and be relevant for the Swedish Partnership Programme's theory of change. The civil society support provided by ForumCiv shall contribute to the Swedish government’s Civil Society Organisation strategy and is expected to contribute to strengthening the capacity of civil society actors, and the civic space.

Is your organisation interested in applying for funds through the Swedish Partnership Programme? Find out in the tabs below what your organisation has to do in order to become eligible to apply for funds. 

Important information
  • ForumCiv’s board has decided that organisations will need to become members in order to apply for grants from the Swedish Partnership Programme for projects that will be implemented from 2023 and onwards.There will be no change for organisations who already are members. Organisations who are non-members with projects already granted, will not be affected by this until the next time they apply.

    Organisation who are non-members and apply during 2022 with projects that start in 2023 will need to apply for membership before signing an agreement. A membership is not a guarantee for receiving funding.
  • For organisations that from 2023 onwards wish to apply for SEK 3 million / year or more is required and a preliminary application, this form must be sent to ForumCiv no later than May 17, 2021. Read more here.

Who can apply for grants?

To be able to apply for development cooperation grants, your organisation must meet certain requirements and have passed an eligibility assessment conducted by ForumCiv. For projects that are planned to be implemented starting from 2023 and onwards membership is a requirement. 

An eligibility assessment is needed if you are applying for grants for the first time or if more than three years has passed since you last implemented a project with grants from ForumCiv (meaning the end date of the project was more than three years ago).

ForumCiv can also decide if an organisation needs to go through a new eligibility assessment. This may be required if there are questions relating to capacity, governance, relation to partners, or identity/values during/after the implementation of a project. 

What documents must be submitted?

For ForumCiv to assess your organisation’s eligibility, you must provide the following documents:

  •  Statutes with the date of approval / Memorandum of association, or the foundation's statutes with the date of approval 
  •  Registration certificate from the Swedish Tax Agency / The county administrative board also known as "Länsstyrelsen"
  •  Latest approved annual meeting minutes, signed according to your organisation's statutes (not mandatory for foundations)
  • Extracts from minutes that show the organisation’s current authorised signatories. The extracts should be signed by the delegated signatories. 
  •  Latest approved activity report, signed by the departing board
  •  Latest approved annual report, including income statement and balance report, signed by the departing board
  •  Latest auditors' report, signed and dated by the auditor

Read more about the membership and eligibility assessment: Application process (only available in Swedish). 

 Eligibility assessment timeframe

For a complete assessment before an application window, make sure that you have submitted all requested documents through our Organisation portal well ahead of the opening of the window. ForumCiv will inform if your organisation is eligible or not to apply for a grant. You will then receive information about the validity date of the eligibility assessment. When this date has passed, your organisation need to undergo a new eligibility assessment.

Once your organisation is eligible to apply for funding, the project and/or programme must be implemented in one of the countries listed in the OECD DAC list of Official Development Assistance (ODA) recipients

Please note that in line with the principles of aid effectiveness, ForumCiv will be restrictive in assessing applications where local partners receive funding from several Swedish partners or Swedish donors. The need and added value for an additional Swedish partner should be motivated in the application, and the applying organisation is invited to have a dialogue with ForumCiv before submitting an application. In such cases, the applying organisations will be encouraged to coordinate and harmonise their support to make it as efficient as possible.

If there is no significant added value of an additional partnership a joint proposal can still be submitted by the Swedish organisations wanting to support the same local organisation; in such submission one of the Swedish organisations should be the main responsible.

Funding modalities

ForumCiv offers three funding modalities for development cooperation:

Partnership Pilot
This funding modality aims at strengthening partnerships and development cooperation between Swedish and local partner/s. Your organisation may apply for funding up to 300 000 SEK and the project period may not be longer than one year. Applying organisations will be assessed based on their capacity to follow SPP's guidelines and ability to handle funds up to 300 000 SEK.

Organisations that have not previously applied for funds within SPP are recommended to apply for this funding.

Partnership Pilot replaces pre-studies.  

Medium Partnership Funding
Organisations that have previously conducted a pre-study or project may apply for Medium Partnership Funding. Your organisation may apply for up to 3 MSEK per year. The organisation's capacity and previous experience will be assessed. In exceptional cases, new organisations may apply for Medium Partnership Funding. 

Large Partnership Funding
This funding modality is aimed at organisations that have the ambition to apply for 3 MSEK or more per year. This application process is currently ongoing and a new possibility to apply for this modality will not be given next year. When the possibility to apply for this modality arises, it will be communicated. 

Application process for Pilot Partnership and Medium Partnership Funding

Step 1 - Eligibility assessment
Please disregard this step if your organisation has already undergone an eligibility assessment and have been approved to apply for funding, and the end date for your latest granted intervention was not more than three years ago. Please move on to step 2 if this applies to your organisation. 

To be eligible to apply for funding from ForumCiv, your organisation must go through an eligibility assessment. If your organisation has previously undergone an eligibility assessment which has been approved but the end date for the latest granted intervention was more than three years ago, your organisation must go through a new eligibility assessment which needs to be approved before you can apply for funding again. 

If your organisation needs to go through an eligibility assessment, and you wish to apply for funding in the upcoming application window, your organisation needs to submit an application for eligibility as soon as possible and no later than April 1st 2022. Submit your application for eligibility through the Organisational Portal.  

Deadline 1st of April 2022. 

Step 2 - Register your application
To be able to register your application, your organisation needs to have gone through an eligibility assessment and have been approved to apply for funding according to the first step above. 

You can register your application between May 10th and June 10th 2022. 

Register your application by creating an application in the application window Pilot Partnership Funding or Medium Partnership Funding that will be visible in the Organisational Portal between May 10th and June 10th. Fill in all areas marked with an asterisk (*) (please note that the information filled in the blanks can be updated at a later stage), attach the latest organisational documents and submit the application. Requested organisational documents can be found under the tab Eligibility above. Please note that we will not be able to assess applications without these documents. This part of the application process works as a registration of the application, and only those who register their application will be able to submit a narrative and financial application according to step three below. 

Deadline June 10th 2022. 

Step 3 - Narrative and financial application
To be able to undergo this step, your organisation needs to have registered its application according to step 2 above

The application can be submitted during 19th - 29th August 2022.

Your programme officer will contact your organisation and open the application you have sent as described in step 2. You will find your application under Our applications, To complete in the Organisational Portal. Fill in all areas, attach the narrative and financial application, and submit the application. 

Deadline 29th of August 2022. 

(Please note that ForumCiv's requirement on membership eneters into force in 2023. This means that those who apply for funding must be members before an agreement can be signed. Membership is not a guarantee for funding.)

Only organisations that have passed through ForumCiv’s eligibility assessment are able to apply for funding.

Application and all required documents need to be completed and submitted through ForumCiv’s organisation portal. No e-mail or hard copies will be accepted. If the application is received past the deadline it will be dismissed.

All applications should be submitted in English. For projects in Latin America and the Caribbean Spanish is accepted. 

Selection and decision

ForumCiv approves grant applications through an objective and competitive process. All applications will be assessed based on pre-determined criteria ensuring effective development results.

The application process consists of three phases:

  1. The application is assessed by ForumCiv Sub-Granting Officers.
  2. A Sub-granting officer from one of ForumCiv’s international offices evaluates the assessment of the previous sub-granting officers.
  3. The Sub-Granting Officers’ evaluation and recommendation is assessed by a Technical Independent Committee at ForumCiv. This Committee approves or rejects all received applications.

When will our organisation be notified?

For pre-studies, grant level one and two you can expect to receive an answer within 22 weeks after the set deadline for submitting a complete application. For grant level three and four you will receive a final decision about your application in January the year after you submitted your application.

When a project has been approved, ForumCiv sends a grant Agreement to your organisation. Two copies of the Agreement shall be signed and one should be sent back to ForumCiv by regular mail. This should happen as soon as possible, but no later than 6 months after receiving the formal project approval. Failing to return the signed Agreement on time will result in your grant being forfeited.

Along with the agreement you will also receive a Requisition Form that enables you to submit a request for your project’s first disbursement. Note that the first disbursement can only be made after the agreement between ForumCiv and your organisation has been signed.

To transfer funds to your local partner organisation an agreement must be signed between your organisation and the local partner. A copy of this agreement shall be sent to ForumCiv at the latest within 6 months after the project start.

Changes to project

If the planned activities are not implemented according to plan or if problems arise during the implementation of the project, your organisation is required to inform ForumCiv.

According to the agreement with ForumCiv, deviations over 10% from any budget post must be reported to your assigned sub-granting officer immediately, motivated in writing and approved by ForumCiv. Deviations below 10% do not require written approval in advance but must be explained in the annual and final reports. For organisations with a programme agreement, all budget alterations of SEK 150 000 need to be approved in writing by ForumCiv. 

Any changes that affect the likelihood of achieving a project’s objectives must also be immediately reported. In addition to changes to the project activities or budget, please notify your assigned sub-granting officer of any other foreseen or unforeseen changes, such as new project managers, change of authorized signatories of the organisation, new bank account, etc. Requests for increased grant volumes are never approved. You find templates for changes within your project on the organisation portal.

A development project that lasts longer than 18 months must be reported on an annual basis. Projects with grants over 270,000 SEK requires annual audit reports, both in Sweden and in the country of implementation. Projects with grants below 270,000 SEK can, after a written approval from ForumCiv, use a Certificate of Fund. The submission date/s for annual reports will be determined by your agreement with ForumCiv. Generally, the final date for submission of annual reports is 1 April.

The annual reports are to be completed and submitted through the organisation portal (digital copy). All pages of the annual reports (narrative and financial) must be signed by two authorized signatories of your organisation. The annual report should not be submitted by regular mail (hard copy).

The annual report shall include:

  • Narrative annual report
  • Financial report, print out from the organisational portal, signed by the two authorized signatories and the auditor  
  • Independent auditor’s report in accordance with ISA 805 
  • Report of factual findings in accordance with ISRS 4400
  • Auditor's management letter.
  • Management response to Auditor’s management letter

If your organisation reports on a multiannual project, the final report must describe the entire project period and not just the final year, both for the financial final report and the external audit. 

Please remember that the documents must be signed by the authorized signatories. All documents related to the audit must also be signed by a qualified, external and independent auditor.

In the final report your organisation and your partner organisation/s present your achievements and report on any changes in the project or program. It is an opportunity to look back and reflect on what went well and what challenges your organisation encountered. A vital part of the final report is to showcase financial outcomes in relation to obtained results.

The submission date for the final report is dictated by your Agreement with ForumCiv. Generally, the final report date is April 1 the year after you have completed the project. Programme narrative reports are also to be submitted by 1st of April and the financial report by April 15th.

The reports are to be completed and submitted through the organisation portal. All pages of the report should be signed by the authorized signatories. The final report should not be submitted by regular mail (hard copy).

The final report shall include:

  • Pre-study final report template, or Project final report template and results matrix
  • Financial report, print out from the organizational portal, signed by the two authorized signatories and the auditor  
  • Independent auditor’s report in accordance with ISA 805
  • Report of factual findings in accordance with ISRS 4400 
  • Auditor’s management letter
  • Management response to Auditor’s management letter

If your organisation is reporting on a multi-year project, the final report needs to cover the whole project period and not just the last year, for both final reports and external audit report.

Please remember that the documents must be signed by the authorized signatories. All documents related to the audit must also be signed by an authorized, external and independent auditor. 

Here you can find all documents and resources that are relevant for applications and reporting.