News - 2020-08-11

For the first time in Belarus!

Presidential elections are always a time of uncertainty, even in Belarus where president Lukashenko rules as ultimate power. For the first time in Belarus, the regime had serious opponents in the...

News - 2020-07-23

Right(s) Way Forward has a new look!

We are launching a new edition of our methodology to encourage the power and capacity of communities, Right(s) Way Forward. To better grasp how the tool came into existence we asked Wilson James...

News - 2020-06-03

Forum for Change: a podcast about civil society

In the Forum for Change podcast, we share stories related to the work of Swedish civil society and its partners around the world. Take the opportunity to learn more about different regions and topics...

Report - 2020-05-28

25 years defending democracy

Since 1995, we have defended democracy and human rights. In our 25-year jubilee book, we look back at how it all began, when Forum Syd became Sweden’s largest platform for civil society. “25 years...

Report - 2020-05-19

Annual report 2019 out now!

“We are in a time where democracy is challenged in several countries and Forum Syd is needed to defend the right of civil society to operate. We are part of the resistance that is being formed against...