News - 2021-09-28

Elected to lead – A webinar on women and democracy

Women's political participation and leadership have paved the way for many important reforms for gender equality and justice. The Hunger Project Sweden and ForumCiv invite you to a conversation on...

News - 2021-09-10

Defending democracy

Join our online event on 13–17 September 2021. A week in the name of democracy with both virtual and live events at the Kenya National Theatre and The Museums Of Kenya.

News - 2021-06-18

Civil society change the world

Between 2018 and 2020 ForumCiv’s sub-granting reached nearly half of the countries in the world and the important role civil society plays for positive change is evident.

Report - 2021-05-26

Annual report 2020 out now!

It is not likely that we forget the year of 2020 any time soon. In the wake of Covid-19, civil society actors, ForumCiv included, swiftly shifted to work from home through the digital sphere.

News - 2021-05-25

Communities for Earth Week

How can fighting for environmental and climate justice address our current climate induced emergency? Join us for a week of workshops and other happenings to demonstrate how we work and commit to...

Story - 2021-04-19

Soaring above adversity to empower her community

Halima Kahiye, a young female journalist, works in one of the most marginalised and patriarchal regions in the world, overcoming adversity every day to empower her community through information.