Forum Syd Liberia signs with 9 Civil Society Organisations

News - 2019-08-29
The organisations will use the support to develop their internal capacities and support people to claim their rights.
Award ceremony in Gbarnga.
Civil Society Organization have over the years developed and strengthened their presence in rural counties in Liberia through increased capacity of right holders living under tough conditions.

The grants will also contribute to the empowerment of marginalised communities and groups to understand their rights, and demand duty-bearers to ensure accountability, inclusion, and transparency in the use and the management of natural resources to curtail environmental degradations, protect biodiversity and mitigate the impacts of climate change. 

- We support people to organise to claim their rights and take control of their lives. For it is only then that democracy can grow, resources can be distributed fairly, and poverty can be reduced, said Asa Chon, programme manager at Forum Syd in his speech during the ceremony.

Over 12 000 people will be reached by Forum Syd partners and of whom over 50% will be women. The agreement signing ceremony took place in Gbarnga, Bong County and was covered by the magazines Front Page Africa and the Monrovia Times.

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