Forum for Change: a podcast about civil society

News - 2020-06-03
In the Forum for Change podcast, we share stories related to the work of Swedish civil society and its partners around the world. Take the opportunity to learn more about different regions and topics that form the weave of the work for democracy and human rights, towards sustainable change.

Civil society is facing added challenges all around the world, with a global pandemic that has inevitably affected the work of Forum Syd and our partners.

One of the impacts has been the loss of face to face encounters to share experiences and knowledge, something that we constantly encourage and promote as a platform organisation for Swedish civil society.

Consequently,  we are glad to announce the launch of Forum for Change, a podcast about civil society around the world.


In this first episode, we sit down with Anna Stenvinkel, Secretary-General of Forum Syd, and Ingrid Sievert Uddén, Deputy Secretary-General. We discuss their professional experience and feelings about being a part of Forum Syd, and learn more about who we are and what we do.  

In our podcast, we will also be sharing lots of fun and inspiring stories of change makers from around the world. Join us and subscribe to receive updated information on our latest episodes. 

You can also find our podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast and other podcasts apps. Give us your feedback in the review and comments sections!

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