Development cooperation

There is no democracy without civil society. The core of ForumCiv's work to achieve democracy and universal human rights is to support and strengthen civil society organisations.

ForumCiv believes in the vital role of civil society in contributing to the fulfilment of human rights, particularly by focusing on non-discrimination and active popular participation that makes democracy possible. ForumCiv applies a rights-based approach to its work. This means turning the spotlight on discrimination and injustice by analysing differences and identifying power relations so that we can understand how and when people’s freedoms are being violated.

Our development perspectives

Conflict and Do-No-Harm

Conflict is a delicate issue that requires a sensitive approach, but it is also an opportunity for development and cooperation. Within a society, violence is not always physical but can also manifest itself in cultural attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that justify structural discrimination. This leads to some groups being granted privilege whilst others are oppressed. Conflict has a greater impact on women and girls, especially as they are not well represented in peacebuilding processes.

Development cooperation has a duty to follow the Do-No-Harm principle and not create, aggravate or contribute to conflict. We need to understand the context in which we operate and make sure to avoid negative impacts whilst maximising the positive. ForumCiv aims to address the root causes of conflict by supporting civil society organisations in changing discriminatory structures and strengthen democracy and human rights.

Environment and climate change

We are in an ecological and climate emergency in which those who least contributed suffer the greatest losses. Biodiversity underpins the health of the planet and has a direct impact on all our lives. We are currently using more natural resources than the planet can sustain. An estimate of 30 percent of all species will be extinct by 2050, which threatens food security and access to clean water for millions of people in marginalised and exposed communities. And women and girls are among the most affected due to unjust social norms.

ForumCiv works towards a just and sustainable world in which the root causes of climate change are addressed. We challenge unjust power structures so that all persons can enjoy the same degree of protection from environmental hazards and have equal access to decision-making processes that affect their livelihoods and environment.

Gender equality

Gender equality is a human right and a prerequisite for achieving democratic societies and sustainable development. All over the world women and girls have less political, social and economic power to exercise their rights in society due to patriarchal structures and unjust gender power relations. Women are still underrepresented in decision-making positions and often excluded from peace negotiations.

If poverty is to decrease people must participate in society on equal terms, regardless of their gender identity, age, disability, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religious beliefs. ForumCiv works for an equal society in which all people enjoy the same rights, opportunities and resources. We believe that everyone should be able to be themselves and decide over their sexual orientation and gender identity without persecution or violation of their human rights.