Method and Thematic Advisor with focus on Environment and Climate Change and Conflict Sensitivity

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Are you passionate about global development issues and civil society as an actor for change toward democracy and human rights? ForumCiv is looking for a positive, collaborative, and organised person with experience working with environment and climate change and conflict sensitivity and do no harm. You will be responsible for supporting our organisation, offices and programmes to integrate these development approaches into their operation.

The person we are looking for should have several years’ experience working with development issues, be familiar with the Rights Based Approach and Gender Equality. Given the focus of the position the person should have experience working with Environment and Climate Justice and the integration of Conflict Sensitivity and Do No Harm approaches into project and programme work. The person should be creative, solution oriented and enjoy collaborating in a team supporting a global organisation.

You will be joining a highly motivated team with a wide range of competence that enjoys working together.

This is full time position that reports to the Manager to the Quality Support Unit and is planned to be working with us until December 2022 as part of the team implementing our action plan on integration and mainstreaming of the Rights Based Approach and our three Development Perspectives.

Key responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:

Regarding Environment and Climate Change and Conflict Sensitivity and Do No Harm Approaches:

  • Provide specialized support to the organisation, its offices and programmes
  • Lead internal development projects
  • Lead and implement internal capacity development initiatives  
  • Lead and implement external capacity development initiatives towards members and partners
  • Lead the integration of these perspectives into ForumCiv´s internal management and programmes, including ForumCiv´s methods and tools for PMEL, Capacity Development, Community Mobilization and Multistakeholder Dialogue and Grant Administration
  • Coordinate projects or programmes focused on the two development perspectives
  • Coordinate the members groups on the two development perspectives
  • Provide support and advise to members and partners
  • Participate in the Decision-Making Committees on Sub-granting in regard to the two development perspectives
  • Represent ForumCiv in relevant networks and meetings.

Qualifications required:

  • Experience working with civil society organizations and in the development sector
  • Experience working with method development and implementation regarding environment and climate change and conflict and do no harm and the nexus between them
  • Experience of working with a rights-based approach in development
  • Experience in methods development, capacity development, mentorship and/or coaching
  • Very good understanding of development cooperation in general and Sweden’s support to the civil society.
  • Field experience in project implementation in countries which are recipients of development aid
  • Very good understanding of the principles of Aid and Development Effectiveness
  • Excellent ability to express oneself orally and in writing in English. Ability communicating in Swedish and Spanish will be considered meritorious.
  • Good project management skills with the ability to handle multiple projects, prioritise, and deliver according to agreed time plan.

Education and work experience:

  • Relevant academic degree in Law, Economics, Social Science, Political Science, Development Studies, or equivalent qualifications obtained in another way.
  • Minimum 5 years’ experience working in the development sector.

Application information

ForumCiv see the strength of a diverse workplace and encourages qualified applicants, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, functional ability, or ethnic and religious affiliation to apply for the position.

All personal data we receive at ForumCiv will be handled in accordance to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Read more here. By applying you agree to us storing any information you provide as part of your application.

Candidates should submit an application in English, consisting of CV and Cover Letter including summary of their key qualifications and relevant work experience for the position.

Send the application in an e-mail to address: [email protected] (subject heading: Programme Support Advisor) no later than 31th of January 2022. We look forward to your application!

Contact details

  • Claudia Arenas, Manager for Impact and Quality Support
    072-070 04 69
  • Desirée Köhler, Head of Human Resources
    08-506 371 63

Union Representatives

  • Unionens representant: Agnes Nygren
    079-046 59 64
  • SACO:s representant: Eleonora Hallberg
    076-551 01 06

About ForumCiv and the Impact and Quality Support Unit

ForumCiv is a politically and religiously unaffiliated Swedish member-based civil society organisation working on a global scale. We have around 180 member organisations. We have offices in Sweden, Colombia, Liberia, Kenya, Cambodia and Lithuania. Our offices in Colombia, Kenya and Lithuania have regional coverage.

Together with our members and partners we work with human and civil rights and facilitate democratic participation around the globe. Our work centres on enabling people to organise to claim their rights and take control of their lives. Because only then can democracy grow, resources be distributed more fairly, and poverty be reduced.

Our vision is a just and sustainable world where all people have the power to effect change. Our mission is to strengthen marginalised people around the world who organise to claim their rights and advocate for changes that contribute to a just and sustainable world.

ForumCiv applies a rights-based approach and strengthens civil society as an actor for change, we integrate Gender Equality, Environmental and Climate Justice and Conflict Sensitivity and Do No Harm into our work. We depart from the partners and their capacity to provide adequate support through: Capacity Development, Community Mobilization and Multistakeholder Engagement, Grant Administration and Advocacy.

The “Quality Support Unit” supports ForumCiv, its programmes, members and partners to achieve the change they want to see. The unit focuses on the quality, impact, relevance and added value of ForumCiv´s operations and inspires and encourages innovation. The unit enables and facilitates internal learning, knowledge, and information management; provides internal and external capacity development and support to programmes and develops common standards, methods and tools (including digital tools) in regard to:

  • Planning Monitoring Evaluation and Learning (PMEL)
  • Programme Development and Fundraising
  • Grant Administration and Partner Assessment
  •  IT Systems for our Programmes
  • Community Mobilization and Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue
  • Internal and External Capacity Development
  • Integration of the Rights Based Approach and the Development Perspectives
  • Innovation Areas
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