Latin America and the Caribbean

ForumCiv’s regional office, located in Colombia, operates as the sub-granting administrator of programmes and projects implemented by diverse Swedish civil society organisations with presence in different countries of the region. ForumCiv also have joint projects with local partners, through our own Colombia country programme.

ForumCiv started to work in Colombia in 2001 with a programme on peace, democracy and civil participation. The programme resulted in increased support for the United Nation's presence in Colombia. Since then, ForumCiv's operations in the country also include support to women's groups and poor marginalised farmers. Currently, ForumCiv’s programme in Colombia “Territories, Peace Building and Sustainable Development” seeks to increase the capacity of civil society organisations to participate and influence territorial management and development. By promoting their role as development and peace-building agents, through a dialogue with multiple stakeholders and the implementation of their own proposals and alternatives.