The Wajibu Wetu programme

Wajibu Wetu Programme uniquely supports the new frontier of media, arts, cultural and gender-focused civil society organisations using innovative approaches to strengthen democratic culture, accountability and gender equality.
In 2016, ForumCiv -supported web series Tuko Macho was featured at the 41st Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). The series is produced by the Nest Collective, as part of Forum Syd’s Wajibu Wetu programme. Photo: The Nest

Programme Background

With the support from the Embassy of Sweden - Nairobi, ForumCiv is implementing the Wajibu Wetu Programme that uniquely supports the dynamic frontier of media, cultural, art and gender-focused civil society organisations to reach out to a critical mass of right-holders to deepen democracy, strengthen inclusive citizen participation and accountability at county and national levels in Kenya

The programme has so far been implemented in two phases with the first phase running between November 2015 to June 2018. The second phase of the programme started in July 2018 and scheduled to run up to December 2021.

Wajibu Wetu programme goal seeks to contribute towards respect for and fulfilment of human rights, deepening democracy and realization of gender equality in Kenya.

Strategic Approach

Wajibu Wetu works with dynamic and innovative organisations who employ media, cultural and art to raise women's, men's and youth's level of civic consciousness, promote active citizenship and enhance the responsiveness of duty bearers. This is done through creative avenues like the use of music, traditional and new media, artivism (art for activism), cultural festivals, documentaries, investigative journalism among others, whose civic engagements, though small in scale, has impacted positively towards addressing injustices and human rights violations.

As such, the programme works with a broad range of strategic national, grassroots, traditional and non-traditional organisations implementing projects that promote good democratic culture, gender equality and respect for human rights in Kenya.

The programme achieves this through; strengthening capacities of these actors of change; subgranting to various organisations; support activities around civil society collaboration for policy advocacy and identifying and supporting, through seed granting, grassroots organisations with innovative initiatives, particularly at the grassroots level and in marginalised areas

Wajibu Wetu further continues to nurture grassroots organisations that operate in marginalised areas and support the advancement of democratic culture and gender equality at the grassroots level.

The Wajibu Wetu Programme Phase II Summary

Programme Goal

Contribute to respect for and fulfilment of human rights, deepening democracy and realization of gender equality in Kenya

Programme Goal Objective

Improved attitudes and behaviours of right holders and duty bearers for upholding and defending human rights, democratic culture and gender equality in Kenya

Programme Duration

July 2018 – December 2021

Programme Budget


Expected Outcomes

  • Right holders demand respect for human rights
  • Young women, men and communities resist extremist ideologies
  • Right holders demand accountability on public service delivery at county and national government levels
  • Right holders demand duty bearer responsiveness in targeted counties for enabling an environment for public participation at county and national government levels.
  • Right holders (women and men) prevent and respond to gender-based violence against women and men.
  • Women engage in economic and leadership processes and structures