Terms of Reference: Mid-term evaluation of the Wajibu Wetu Programme

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The objective of the mid-term evaluation is to comprehend the functioning of the programme to date in terms of its design, scope, and the implementation status (schedule). This will comprise of reviewing and expanding evidence against some of the results achieved and documented so far. Additionally, the exercise will seek to interrogate the design of the programme, management and the experiences of programme staff and implementing partners to generate recommendations as to how this programme and other potential programmes might be designed in the future.

The findings of this mid-term evaluation will serve the following three purposes:

  • Provide useful insights on areas of strengthening in management and delivery for the remainder of the programme.
  • To strengthen the programme team’s ability to test the overall theory of change of the programme.
  • To provide recommendations to the programmes team regarding the overall M&E framework utilised to manage results.