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About ForumCiv 

Since 1995, ForumCiv has defended democracy and human rights. As Sweden's largest platform for civil society with over 183 member organisations and offices in Sweden, Colombia, Liberia, Kenya, Cambodia, and Lithuania. Our offices in Colombia, Kenya, and Lithuania have regional coverage. In Kenya, we are registered with the NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) Coordination Board and have been operating since 2008. Our work centers on enabling people to organize to claim their rights, take control of their lives, and promote responsiveness by duty bearers and other decision-makers. Together with our members and partners, we work with human rights to strengthen civil society, enable democratic civic spaces, and facilitate the democratic participation of rights-holders. ForumCiv's vision is a just and sustainable world where all people have the power to effect change. Our purpose is to strengthen marginalized people worldwide who organize to claim their rights and advocate for changes that contribute to a just and sustainable world. 

ForumCiv engages in four distinct roles:  advocate, capacity developer, grant administrator, and development actor. ForumCiv applies a rights-based approach and enables active popular participation by supporting civil society in its own right. In our role as advocators, we aim to amplify the voice of those we work for and with. As a capacity developer, we seek to strengthen the capacity of our members and partners worldwide. As grant administrators, we have developed a robust framework to provide funding to civil society organisations within the frame of principles for aid and development effectiveness. Our methods for grant administration focus on Relevance, Impact, and Sustainability while guaranteeing compliance with good international administration and accounting principles and anti-corruption efforts. Finally, as a development actor, we are innovative in our partnerships, programme development, and communicating our contribution to a more sustainable world. 

ForumCiv's Theory of Change is reflected in the partnerships and innovative approaches, and sustainable strategies adopted for this proposal to defend and promote human rights in Kenya. This is with the knowledge that human rights are fundamental rights that embody key values in any society, such as fairness, dignity, equality, and respect. ForumCiv believes that partnerships based on cooperation between different actors can lead to individual and structural change through networks, coalitions, and alliances. As a result, we work to legitimize diverse civil society organisations to advocate for society-wide change, monitor those in power, and promote dialogue for change. All people are holders of human rights and can describe their problems and propose solutions. Evidence shows that change is only sustainable when determined, implemented, and owned by the affected communities. The Theory of Change is complemented by ForumCiv's policies on Environment & climate justice and gender equality and equity and by ForumCiv's Development Perspectives that recognize the connection between environmental and climate injustices, gender inequalities, and conflict. 

ForumCiv office in Kenya serves as the regional office for Eastern and Southern Africa (RO ESA), coordinating regional sub-granting and developing new partnerships, innovative programmes, and local engagement with donors. Most of the region's interventions focus on civil society strengthening and deepening democracy, human rights, and gender equality. The office works with various partners and stakeholders at grassroots, national, regional, and global levels.

Assignment and objectives  

Organizational Effectiveness programmes enable institutions to build their internal capacities in areas key to them achieving their strategic direction. 

ForumCiv ROESA Office is anticipating undergoing an Organisational Effectiveness Process this year. As part of the fund’s application process, ForumCiv is expected to share a list of potential organizational effectiveness consultants as well as indicate their experience in wither of the aspects detailed below. It is important to note the whole process is pegged on availability of funding and targets the following areas:

  • HR planning and management
  • Fundraising and resource mobilisation and

As a result of this work, we hope to be a stronger and more resilient organisation that is effective in meeting its strategic goal. In line with this, here are the specific objectives for this Organisational Effectiveness Process:

  • Enhanced effectiveness, efficiency, and transparency 
  • Diversified donor base by strengthen internal fundraising capacity.   

Expression of Interest

A full procurement process will be undertaken upon approval of funds. 

At this stage, we invite applicants to formally express interest by submitting a letter detailing their experience in one of the organizational effectiveness areas above and their daily consultancy rate. 

This should be accompanied by a general profile of the consultant and / or team sent to [email protected] with the subject heading: Organizational Effectiveness Consultancy by Tuesday 26th March 2023

Only the consultants who have expressed interest at this point will be invited for the selective tendering process.