Advocacy work

Together with partners and member organizations, ForumCiv is advocating to influence Swedish and European policies towards a fair and sustainable world.

ForumCiv keeps an active dialogue with decision makers to influence Sweden's and EU’s policies. We are a strong voice in the public debate to create opinion and ensure that voices from developing countries are heard in the Swedish debate.

ForumCiv is enhancing the knowledge of other civil society organizations through seminars, analyses, and reports so that they, in turn, can act towards a fair and sustainable development.

Our focus areas

Aid policy

International aid is the only resource that has poverty reduction and to prevent human suffering as its purpose. International aid is therefore playing a unique role in reaching people who are the furthest behind, but it is also a limited resource. Donors have a responsibility to ensure that aid reaches the people who need it most and that it is prioritised for things that are not reached by other types of development funding. These include humanitarian aid, support for education, health and social protection systems, support for strengthened institutions and long-term support for civil society organizations and movements – which are central to democratic and sustainable development, where everyone is included.

The overall objective of Swedish aid is to ensure that people living in poverty and oppression can improve their living conditions. 

For many years, Sweden has had a commitment to allocate 1 % of its gross national income (GNI) to international aid. Recently, however, the integrity of Swedish aid has been compromised. Large cuts have been made for in-donor refugee costs, and following the 2022 elections, the 1 % commitment was abandoned. Sweden must promptly reinstate the 1 % commitment, and ensure the quality and effectiveness of aid.

Democracy and human rights

Democracy and respect for human rights are crucial for sustainable development and have been strengthened in many parts of the world in recent decades. Today, however, a global backlash is seen where human rights are violated and democracy is threatened. In many countries, we see how anti-democratic forces are expanding and how internationally binding conventions are questioned.

Civil society is one of the most crucial actors to bring change in society and is therefore also perceived as a threat by authoritarian regimes: democratic space is shrinking, and human rights and civic freedoms are increasingly restricted. Governments, but also other actors such as militias, companies, and organized criminal groups, use a variety of methods to silence and suppress civil society groups that defend their rights.

ForumCiv works to protect democracy and human rights. We work to ensure that vulnerable people who defend democracy and their rights will be able to make their voices heard. ForumCiv also works to ensure that Swedish companies respect human rights in all their operations. ForumCiv is also advocating for Swedish development cooperation to strengthen civil society and to counteract the shrinking democratic civic space through concrete measures.

2030 Agenda

The 2030 Agenda implies that all the world’s countries will jointly address global sustainable development in three dimensions – social, economic, and environmental. The agenda includes 17 global goals to end poverty, promote peaceful and inclusive societies and combat climate change. The implementation of the 2030 Agenda requires strong political will, partnerships between different actors, funding, and indicators and statistics for follow-up.

ForumCiv works to strengthen the role of civil society in the implementation and follow-up of the 2030 Agenda. The involvement of civil society in the implementation of the 2030 Agenda is a prerequisite for achieving the Sustainable development goals and has a particularly important role to play in ensuring that the commitment to leave no one behind is fulfilled.

A coherent policy in which all policies, not just aid, contribute to sustainable development is a prerequisite for achieving the Global goals.

ForumCiv is therefore working for a strengthened implementation of Sweden's policy on global development (PGU). The aim of this policy is that political decisions made in Sweden should be contributing to just and sustainable global development and should be characterized with a rights perspective and the poor's perspective on development.