Will democracy and civil rights survive Covid-19?

News - 2020-09-28
From democracy in crisis to online environmental activism in Russia. All our webinars from this year’s Book Fair is now available to stream, comment and share.

Will democracy survive Covid-19?

The Corona pandemic has hit democracy and civil rights hard in many parts of the world, with further limited space for civil society. In Colombia violence against human rights defenders has increased, in Kenya police brutality has been used to enforce the restrictions and in Belarus the election has led to major protests and increased threats against civil society.

What role can Sweden and the government's Drive for Democracy play to promote democracy and the space for civil society in these and other countries when societies are opening up again?

Björn Hummerdal, Political advisor for Minister for International Development Cooperation Peter Eriksson
Ksenija Paksina, Sub-grating officer, Eastern Europe, ForumCiv
Jackson Obare, Regional Manager, Eastern & Southern Africa, ForumCiv
Laura Bonilla, Regional Manager, Latin America and Caribbean, ForumCiv

Moderator: Anna Stenvinkel, Secretary-General, ForumCiv

Organised by: ForumCiv

Disinformation and media freedom in Eastern Europe 

Freedom of expression online is more important than ever before and creates big possibilities but is also connected to obstacles, risks and challenges. Listen to voices from Ukraine and Belarus reflecting on how digital tools and media have played a role in ongoing and past protests and political developments.

Ilona Sologoub, CEO of Vox Ukraine
Ryhor Astapenia, Belarusian analyst, founder of the think tank Center for New Ideas

Moderator: Alina Zubkovych, Nordic Ukraine Forum

Organised by: ForumCiv, Nordic Ukraine Forum

Online environmental activism in Russia

This session highlights how digital solutions and tools are used in Russia and Eastern Europe and how they make work with biodiversity, climate change mitigation and environmental protection more successful and sustainable in these contexts. What trends and risks exist and what can we learn from these new digital methods of working with environmental protection?

Amanda Valentin, Deputy Secretary-General Silc
Dmitry Shevchenko, Citizens’ Initiative Against Environmental Crime (CIAEC)
Elena Chernysheva, WWF Ryssland

Organised by: WWF, Östgruppen, ForumCiv 

(SWE) Politikersamtal: Sveriges globala roll i världens motvind

Arbetet för en mer hållbar och jämlik värld i linje med globala målen i Agenda 2030 befinner sig i kraftig motvind.  Nationalismen ökar i många länder och viljan att samarbeta internationellt minskar i en tid när den så väl behövs som svar på stora utmaningar. Det internationella utvecklingssamarbetet är ett av Sveriges viktigaste verktyg för att stödja människor runtom i världen som utsätts för fattigdom, förtryck eller akut nöd, och för att långsiktigt bidra till att bygga mer hållbara, demokratiska, jämställda samhällen.

Alf Svensson (KD), Gunilla Carlsson (M) och Lena Hjelm-Wallén (S)

Medverkande i panelsamtalet, ledamöter i riksdagens utrikesutskott:
Annika Strandhäll (S)
Magdalena Schröder, (M)
Magnus Ek (C)
Janine Alm Ericson (MP)

Moderator: Esther Flores Sedman, pressekreterare, Diakonia

Arrangörer: ForumCiv, CONCORD, AidWatch

The world cannot afford a lost generation of youth

Schools are closing, jobs are lost, and the price tag is rising. These are some of the consequences of the pandemic for the young generation. How do we ensure that young people are not left behind in the recovery after the pandemic?

Nicola Jones, Overseas Development Institute (ODI)
Hiba Hamzi, Developmental Action Without Borders - Naba'a 

Moderator: Anna Blücher, ForumCiv

Organised by: ForumCiv, Act Church of Sweden 

Leaving no one behind while building back better

How do the efforts and actions taken to address the corona crisis affect future aid and international cooperation? What is the role of universal social protection in the long term response to the corona crisis? How can we take advantage of the opportunities created by the crisis? How can we focus on the right efforts and ensure that no one is left behind?

Carin Jämtin, Sida
Isobel Frye, The Studies in Poverty and Inequality Institute (SPII) in South Africa

Moderator: Erik Lysén, Act Church of Sweden 

Organised by: ForumCiv, Act Church of Sweden 

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