Forum Syd introduces a new feedback and response system

News - 2019-12-02
As a part of Forum Syd standardisation process, to improve the quality of our work, a new feedback and response system is being introduced.

Forum Syd continues working on permanently improving the impact and quality of its work. Having a feedback system is crucial to achieve this. You will be able to send in your feedback about the quality of our project funding processes and our capacity development/learning activites in a structured way. Initialy via an email address, but later looking at a more sophisticated response system.

All feedback received through the email address or through other means by any staff member or elected official will by registered, answered and systematised in order to provide better attention to our stakeholders and continuously improve our performance. An initial answer will be given as soon as possible, stating that feedback has been received. A full answer will then be produced within  a maximum of 15 working days

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