Our areas

Development cooperation

ForumCiv believes in the vital role of civil society in contributing to the fulfilment of human rights, particularly by focusing on non-discrimination and active popular participation that makes democracy possible. ForumCiv applies a rights-based approach to its work. This means turning the spotlight on discrimination and injustice by analysing differences and identifying power relations so that we can understand how and when people’s freedoms are being violated.

Advocacy work

By enhancing knowledge and advocating on critical issues, ForumCiv works to change the global structures that create poverty and violate human rights. ForumCiv keeps an active dialogue with decision makers to influence Sweden's and EU’s policies. 

Capacity development

ForumCiv's approach to capacity development is to have a bottom-up perspective where the focus is on strengthening the existing capacities while using different learning perspectives adapted to the context and needs. Within our capacity development framework we have several kinds of learning methods, such as online courses, workshops, conferences, seminars and coaching.