Right(s) Way Forward Community Mobilisation Training


Right(s) Way Forward (RWF) is a community-based methodology that seeks to empower community members with knowledge to improve their capacity to formulate, advocate and claim their rights for sustainable development. The methodology is divided into two phases namely community mobilisation and dialogue for change.

This training is meant to provide broader knowledge and understanding of the community in terms of existing formal and informal governance structures, stakeholders network, power relations etc. and how to use these to solicit support for achieving community ambitions.

Participants of this training will further learn about selection, formation and training of a team of community facilitators who are at the centre of implementation and sustainability of the RWF process. Community mobilisation training will most importantly equip participants with knowledge on how to analyse multiple issues facing the community and how to develop Community Action Plans (CAPs) for addressing such issues. Implementation of CAPs through small projects will help the community achieve their desired changes and improve their livelihoods.

Register for our online training by using the form below. Training will be held in different sessions September 7, 9, 13 and 15 September. Make sure that you are able to join a majority of all sessions. Schedule is subject to change, information will then be sent out. 

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