Creating digital communities: so, you've decided to build a community to scale your impact


ForumCiv in partnership with RNW Media would like to invite you to the second workshop about digital communities. With COVID-19 disrupting business as usual, how can you use digital channels to support your impact?

Are you already engaging online, but want to improve your results? Have you planned and allocated resources for creating a digital community but not sure how to proceed? Then this workshop is for you!

Target group: Those ready to start creating digital communities or CSOs that attended the first session “Can you scale your impact using Digital Communities for Social Change?”.

Workshop will focus on: How to best engage with your target audience, creating engaging content and inclusive and accessible platforms (transboundary and cross-sectional) for improved collaboration and networking to achieve set objectives. Digital communities can provide highly effective alternative civic space in restrictive settings; they also offer the opportunity to reach marginalized groups, access the intelligence of the crowd and generate data for advocacy. RNW Media manages communities which number in the millions, but they will think along with you on how you can start small.

The methodology of the digital workshop: Fast speed design-thinking style "quick and practical” run through RNWs roadmap which is an 11-step process showing how to build a digital community for social impact.

For who? CSOs that participated in the first session or who are ready to start or already started creating their digital communities (Please read the N.B.). At the end of the session participants should feel more confident on the resources and process needed to create and manage a digital community.

When? August 13th, 2020 at 14.00/2.00 pm, (CET)
Duration: circa 2 hours.

This digital workshop and it will be recorded. Sign up in the registration form below (note that there are limited spots available).

N.B. A workshop called “Can you scale your impact using Digital Communities for Social Change?” was held on June 5th. In that workshop, the CSOs had the opportunity to learn generally about digital communities and a decision tree to help CSOs decide if digital communities are for them. If you are uncertain about whether or not digital communities are something for you, we invite you to look at the Decision tree before the workshop.

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