Our quality work & Whistleblowing

ForumCiv is constantly striving for quality improvements at all levels, and we obey a comprehensive framework of internal rules and guidelines as a member-based organisation. We are also governed by external rules and requirements issued by Sida and other financing bodies as regards the mediation of grants to other organisations.

Anti-corruption activities

ForumCiv adheres to Sida’s definition of corruption as the “abuse of trust, power or position for improper gain. Corruption includes, among other things, the offering and receiving of bribes – including the bribery of foreign officials – extortion, conflicts of interest and nepotism”.

Poverty and corruption often go hand in hand. Corruption affects the poorest people the most and in many ways even aggravates poverty, and so not only poses a serious threat to development but also undermines everything that ForumCiv stands for and is working to achieve. ForumCiv’s approach towards corruption is consequently to always prevent, never accept, always inform and always act even in situations where it might lead to the delay, hindrance or total obstruction of operations.

The reporting of suspected corruption is encouraged, and a whistleblower is always protected from sanctions. Whistleblowers have the right to be anonymous and all suspected cases reported in accordance with this policy are investigated.

This policy is applicable to all of ForumCiv’s operations and is to be applied by all employees, trainees and board members. The policy also applies to ForumCiv’s partners and their partners along the chain.

Procurement rules

All aid activities must make effective use of resources, promote good administration and transparency in the handling of funds, and actively oppose corruption and financial irregularities. One way of achieving this is to apply a transparent and cost-effective procurement process.

These procurement rules apply to ForumCiv and to other organisations whose operations are funded through the grants that we mediate.

Each NGO is responsible at all times for the procurements it or its partners make with funds mediated by ForumCiv. The basic guideline is that while every effort must be taken to ensure that the procurement is as economic and appropriate as possible for both the organisation and the recipient of the good or service, all grant-funded procurements must be conducted in accordance with the principles of professionalism, competitiveness and objectivity.

This means that all NGOs that procure goods and services are to do so in a professional manner. Competition opportunities must be sought and exploited, and tenders and tenderers treated objectively so that competition on equal terms can be achieved.